Monday, March 22, 2010


Tips:How to live longer.
1. Vitamin -C defficiency is stopped if we take minimum 3 to 4 varieties of fruits,raw vegetables in the form of salads daily,see that atleast one variety of citrus fruit is included in them.
2.Aloo if it is cooked without peeling the skin it gives you more Vit-C.
3.Orange,Lemon,Grapes,Strawberry,Guavas,Water melon,Papaya,Cauliflower,consists of large amounts of Vit-C.
4.While cooking vegetables,use less amount of water to boil them.Use pressure cooker to boil n cook vegetables.It prevents the loss of vitamins and minerals.
5.The persons who are under 55 years of age,should take 80mgs Vit-C,and pregnant ladies should take atleast 120 mgs.of Vit- C,daily.
6.Our skin sensitive,if it should not loose its sensitivity,elasticity,Vit-C is  essential .If Vit-Cis defficient in your body then you will transform yourself into eighty  in your forties.

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